Friday, February 2, 2007

“Simply White” theme

I have a little problem with this design (PS: now called [tag]Sunrise[/tag]) using scripts from dhtmlgoodies.

The menu, which I called 'topbar' in the theme, is made of list based DHTML menu.   This is working fine as in this theme here.    I then added another script called dropdown content for the postmeta such that it's hidden until it's clicked.

I have both incorporated into a theme and it was working fine locally.   I uploaded it last night for trial here it was also all OK running in Firefox.   In IE7 I got error with the 'topbar' menu failed to show up.

To identify the issue I disabled the 'topbar' scripts and the hidden postmeta part at this site was working OK.     For this site the postmeta part hasn't been added and the 'topbar' menu is working fine on IE7.

I really don't know what caused it.    I'll restore both scripts here and at least it works in Firefox.

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