Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Sunrise 0.5

This version [tag]Sunrise[/tag] is done and I have stopped working on it. See it here in action.

This site has this theme available as well, if you switch to it, but not using exactly the same codes e.g. buttons at the footer only applicable to my main site.

I'm quite pleased with this design and this is available for download here.

PS: Perhaps some notes for those who may try this
  1. I have used two sets of javascripts from dhtmlgoodies.   The scripts are in one single file inside a "js" folder.   Reference to this file is at the header.
  2. The dropdown content script has an optional script for speed adjustment it's placed at the footer, it looks like below
  3. The List based DHTML menu has an arrow image named "arrow.png" for the sub-menu.   This must be placed at the root of your WordPress folder.    You can change this file but the javascript file must also be changed accordingly.
  4. The active menu at the "topbar" automatically hides itself when the mouse cursor has moved away and the default time was 1200 microseconds.    I have set it to 2000 which is 2 seconds.    If you want to change that look for the variable "timeBeforeAutoHide" in the javascript file and change the figure after it.
  5. There are couple of page templates available for this theme.    One of them is for blogroll, categories and archives, example this one.    Another one is for theme-switcher (e.g. this), at present the theme switcher plugin doesn't work at the "topbar" of this theme.
  6. The Simple Recent Comment plugin (current version 0.1.2 by GNot) if you are using it doesn't work out of the box.   Look for this at around line 81.
    $output .= "\n

    and have it changed to
    $output .= "\n";
    Do the same at line 85 where this time remove the "ul" closing tag there.
  7. As a feature the default WordPress search isn't available because I use Technorati and Google's site search.   You could always add that back in if you want.
  8. Plugins that are working great for this theme are
  9. Various places that you have to customize for your own site such as Feedburner's feed, meebome, Google analytics and Snap Preview Anywhere (script in header.php file) etc.

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