Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Login form at sidebar

You probably arrive here at this site looking for the [tag]ezLOGIN[/tag] [tag]plugin[/tag].    There are in facts other alternatives out there worth trying.

This topic at the forum directs you to Dakzoekje who offered a download for his/her login form.

There is another one called JPF Login/Logout plugin where you could customize the display text.    The plugin page is here.

There is another one from krikun called User Sidebar Panel.

This plugin Login Anywhere is originally a hack by Teddy Hwang, a download is available from here.     Hwang's login form is actually at the header which doesn't show until you click a link, cool.

This one by James Kelly is called Themed Login Plugin, download is here.    The login is directed to a page but when you are in you'll be in dashboard.   This is not exactly I set out to do.    In most cases I want click saver, i.e. save trips going in and out of admin dashboard.

To complete the story I couldn't miss the best and original sidebar login form hack by Homeland Stupidity.

Before you hit download and try mine you could try at the sidebar using ID/password = guest/guest.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What time is it?

Well mouse over 'time' at the menu bar above you'll see a neat digital clock.   That's the time here where I am.

I have also added a analog clock at my other site here.    It's a free service provided to site owners by ClockLink.    Cool isn't it.


This [tag]plugin[/tag] is more or less done.    Now I have a link to get straight into plugin admin page if I have logged in as admin.    This is another click saver for lazy person like me.

Now I don't have to use 'wp_list_bookmarks' to list plugins (as blogroll, clumsy way I used) that I have activated and I can see exactly what version I have in my plugin directory.

ezSHOWPLUGINS under test

This is a new [tag]plugin[/tag] to show what plugins I have activated.    This is almost from ground up without first looking at other plugins doing similar things.   I have in fact never used plugin to do listing of plugins activated but I'm sure there must be hundred of these out there.

As usual best place for me to start is core files and the codex.    The codex isn't helpful as the Function reference doesn't really tell me anything about 'get_option'.   The plugins.php file under wp-admin folder shows me how.

Now I can show what plugins are activated and basic information like link to the author's site, version and plugin page.    This is super simple at the moment with less than 30 lines of codes.

I have used no arguments at the moment perhaps I could add customization arguments such as html tags before/after each plugin and text before version number etc.    May be later on a page template such that I could display a bit more information on a static page.

Monday, March 26, 2007


I don't write about politics here.    Blogging is certainty not new things but I'm so out of pace that not until recently I come to know about blogs by local celebrities (or politicians, if you think they are qualified to be called that).

I heard that our new CEO Donald Tsang will maintain his blog for years to come (Wrong, site now taken down!   Perhaps he isn't brave enough to take comments over Internet yet).    You certainly have a choice as far as reading blog is concerned this is Alan Leong's blog.

Leong's blog is slightly ahead in terms of design as it's Firefox friendly using Big5 character set for the Chinese pages and I don't have to switch between character encoding to read the Chinese.   Tsang's site uses charset utf-8 and heavily loaded with javascript.

I think color schemes for both of them is terrible.    Don't they have enough money to get professionals to do this for them?

Now even Princess Eugenie is blogging, see news about this.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

World Water Day

I work with water for many years how can I not mention World Water Day.    I'm still working with water but it is normally at elevated temperature at the facility that I'm working in now.

My life is full of water.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Daylight saving and ezCOMMENTS

My [tag]ezCOMMENTS[/tag] plugin under test here has an argument to correct time zone difference in hours.    This requires little tweaking when Daylight saving comes into play.    Read more about daylight saving in Microsoft's site here.    I have determined earlier in this post that I need an adjustment of '-5'.    I just tested this by this comment I posted.

I found "1 hour ago" instead of "0.0" therefore '-5' has to be changed to '-4' in my plugin setting.

PS: this [tag]plugin[/tag] is now version 0.15, a minor flaw in displaying the text "be first to say something" is fixed when I have no comment or no trackback/pingback.

Class Rooms

These are our classrooms. I'm glad to see they have made no changes to tiles, floors and windows. Our memory is well preserved.


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Have a shower?

Thirty odd years ago this is where we had our shower at the boarding school.    In winter we tend to "skip shower" by standing at the corner of this little cubicle to avoid that few minutes of cold water.


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Monday, March 19, 2007

School Song

All Hail!  O Aberdeen Tech., to thee!

By time endear' d the more,

Our hearts shall ever loyal be

To thee and friends of yore;

And mem'ries that shall never fade

Wherever we may roam,

Shall rivet fast the friendships made

In youth at boyhood's home.

Long live! O Alma Mater!

On thee may blessings rain,

And may thy sons hereafter

Bring honour to thy name!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Theme demos

I didn't know what was the best way to organize demo for themes I have built.    I created subdomain for each one of them which was a silly and tedious way to do although I have excessive storage in my hosting account.

I have now deleted those installations and use only 1 single subfolder to put all themes/template.    With the use of the Theme Switcher plugin you can now view demo by clicking the name of the theme/template under sidebar group "My Theme Sites".     One exception is that for barebones series of themes they are still under a subdomain because I have various versions for them.

For now the theme "Recently" doesn't work I have yet to find out why.    Also there are lots of fine tuning to do and posting of sample posts to that demo site.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


MIT now posted a lot of their course materials as freely available open educational resources (OER) at their site here.    This is a great idea I think this will eventually change the world as the world is getting flatter and flatter.

Naturally I glance through the Master Course List and looked for something I may have interest in.    Glad to see Linguistics and Philosophy are housed under one section.    I'm certainly not capable of knowing why but I read that very early philosophers found answers and teach pupils simply by talking without much documentation of their thoughts.

Bookmark this OPENCOURSEWARE CONSORTIUM site as well if you are keen to be self-taught.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Turnoff Snap Preview

You can turnoff Snap Preview Anywhere by adding class=snap_nopreview to your div.    E.g. I don't think the preview bubble is good at the sidebar links then I just add this class to the div id='sidebar' class='snap_nopreview' at the sidebar.php

The FAQ is here.

Which Browser?

If you come here with IE6 you'll find the menu bar below the site title useless.    That's only good for Firefox and IE7.    I have also tested this new pure CSS drop-down menu with Opera version 9.10 which displays almost exactly like Firefox

For your own safety of course you should either use Firefox or Opera.     If you don't have a choice and must stick with IE then at least you should upgrade to IE7.

My IT department now has taken full control of company computers where users have no administrator rights therefore I couldn't install any freeware such as Google desktop or browser other than the default obsolete IE6.    This is absurd.    Fair amount of control is necessary for compliance but they should at least follow the trend and provide choices.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Sunrise 0.6

The pure CSS dropdown menu I saw in All is in the title has been incorporated into the [tag]Sunrise[/tag] theme.    Head over here to have a look.

This site is back to [tag]Classical[/tag].    The color scheme for the "topbar" menu is yet to be finalized it's a bit weird at the moment.    If anyone likes that mod I'll provide download later on.

I'll also document what I have modified in the CSS when I have the time.

A new theme?

Not really.    I know about this pure CSS dropdown menu when I read this post in the forum.    The original author I believe is owner of All is in the title.

This is smarter than the JavaScript trick I learnt from DHTMLGoodies which I have used for my Sunrise them.    One key improvement is speed.

You are seeing funny color combination used when you mouse over the menu and expanded blocks.   I purposely did that just to be sure of my changes made to colors.    Very soon this theme will be released as an upgrade to the [tag]Sunrise[/tag] theme.

Friday, March 9, 2007

I was here today


A huge exhibition center.    I have not been in this city of fair size named Guangzhou for some 20 years.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Earn it!

I remember this phrase "Earn it" from "Saving Private Ryan".    This is philosophy in life that is easily understood but extremely difficult in practice.

Friend of mine reported some good news recently on his biggest adventure in life.    I was acting as his adviser.    Apart from encouraging him I didn't know what is best for him actually.    One of my key advices was that he has to enjoy every minute of the torture (his word) that he said he has been suffering.    It's like going for uphill hiking, destination could be far and out of sight and you feel helpless, most people don't know how to enjoy hard time.

Another friend of mine has his baby girl delivered.    I can feel the joy.    The arrival of the new born has special meaning to him as he lost his father last year and now he's a father.

In school we learn before we go for a test.   In life we are tested before we learn.    Most pupils don't know how lucky they are until they have left school.    I hope all my dear friends are enjoying the test, torture, hardship and will enjoy every minute of the learning.     Again, earn it.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Change is the only Constant

I have my second change in direct boss in 3 years.

There are 3 pillars, ideally balanced, for good management.    You ideally should have good SYSTEM, a properly designed STRUCTURE and good PEOPLE.    These 3 elements interact with each other and in perfect balance you have your desired CULTURE in the middle.

You can't really improve on it by replacing just one of the 3 elements.    There are numerous factors affecting  the stability of the system and the complexity increases exponentially with the number of people involved in larger organization.

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Monday, March 5, 2007

Tag Search using UTW

I have actually tried this a while ago.    I wasn't ready at that time.

I could now make it work with a bit more skill in CSS and php.    See this page.    I don't know why she, the author of this plugin, calls this experimental.     I think it's pretty stable perhaps she isn't sure of the search result?

By original design when you click on the tags the font size is increased by '8 px' and decreased by the same amount if you de-select it.    I reduced this to '2 px' as selected tags have also been bolded already.

Have a try at that.

I have also created a new page template for links and archives in 2 column design, see it here.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

A small bite at a time for "Classical"

There are couple of minor mods for this theme [tag]Classical[/tag] being used at this site.   I have to record it down here.

  • width of single page changed from 450 to 500px;
  • top and bottom margins for paragraph tags;
  • postmeta data for single post display;
  • 'seen ??' times added to postmeta data for single post;
  • polished up input area for comments for template with a bit of color;

Does this look more or less OK by now?