Monday, March 26, 2007


I don't write about politics here.    Blogging is certainty not new things but I'm so out of pace that not until recently I come to know about blogs by local celebrities (or politicians, if you think they are qualified to be called that).

I heard that our new CEO Donald Tsang will maintain his blog for years to come (Wrong, site now taken down!   Perhaps he isn't brave enough to take comments over Internet yet).    You certainly have a choice as far as reading blog is concerned this is Alan Leong's blog.

Leong's blog is slightly ahead in terms of design as it's Firefox friendly using Big5 character set for the Chinese pages and I don't have to switch between character encoding to read the Chinese.   Tsang's site uses charset utf-8 and heavily loaded with javascript.

I think color schemes for both of them is terrible.    Don't they have enough money to get professionals to do this for them?

Now even Princess Eugenie is blogging, see news about this.

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