Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Earn it!

I remember this phrase "Earn it" from "Saving Private Ryan".    This is philosophy in life that is easily understood but extremely difficult in practice.

Friend of mine reported some good news recently on his biggest adventure in life.    I was acting as his adviser.    Apart from encouraging him I didn't know what is best for him actually.    One of my key advices was that he has to enjoy every minute of the torture (his word) that he said he has been suffering.    It's like going for uphill hiking, destination could be far and out of sight and you feel helpless, most people don't know how to enjoy hard time.

Another friend of mine has his baby girl delivered.    I can feel the joy.    The arrival of the new born has special meaning to him as he lost his father last year and now he's a father.

In school we learn before we go for a test.   In life we are tested before we learn.    Most pupils don't know how lucky they are until they have left school.    I hope all my dear friends are enjoying the test, torture, hardship and will enjoy every minute of the learning.     Again, earn it.