Tuesday, March 27, 2007

ezSHOWPLUGINS under test

This is a new [tag]plugin[/tag] to show what plugins I have activated.    This is almost from ground up without first looking at other plugins doing similar things.   I have in fact never used plugin to do listing of plugins activated but I'm sure there must be hundred of these out there.

As usual best place for me to start is core files and the codex.    The codex isn't helpful as the Function reference doesn't really tell me anything about 'get_option'.   The plugins.php file under wp-admin folder shows me how.

Now I can show what plugins are activated and basic information like link to the author's site, version and plugin page.    This is super simple at the moment with less than 30 lines of codes.

I have used no arguments at the moment perhaps I could add customization arguments such as html tags before/after each plugin and text before version number etc.    May be later on a page template such that I could display a bit more information on a static page.

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