Tuesday, April 17, 2007


In the footer.php file in the K2 theme that came with the download you'll find [include 'db_profiling.php'] got commented out. I guess that is for bug hunting use. I have a look at the db_profiling.php file and if I'm not wrong that could be used to generate number of queries used and total time taken to execute queries as you normally see from footer of a typical WordPress site. Below is what I have done.

class metaHabari extends Theme
var $total_time_querying=0; # total time used to query
var $num_query=0; # number of query used
var $what_num; # para to pass to method
function get_no($what_num)
$profiles= DB::get_profiles();
foreach ($profiles as $profile) {
$total_time_querying+=$profile->total_time; }
$total_time_querying = number_format($total_time_querying,4,'.',',');
switch(strtolower($what_num)) {
case 'query': $no=$num_query;
case 'totaltime': $no=$total_time_querying;
case 'ver': $no=version::get_habariversion();
break; }
echo $no;

Insert the above into your theme.php file then call the method of this class metaHabari at your footer.

[?php metaHabari::get_no('totaltime'); ?]
seconds used in executing [?php metaHabari::get_no('query'); ?]
queries by version [?php metaHabari::get_no('ver'); ?]

The only issue I can see is that upon first loading of the posts.php you'll get a funny large number of seconds used to execute queries, a second refresh gives a reasonable number. I also wondered why I'm getting version 0.1 displayed but in fact I'm using 0.1.1.

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