Monday, April 2, 2007

Gmail Paper

Every time Google introduces something new, revolutionary, innovative people ask why.    It's perfectly normal to ask why or what's next.    Seeing what's next is probably the biggest concern of Google's competitors.

With a click of a button now Google prints your emails and will mail it to your home FREE, it's called [tag]gmail paper[/tag].    But why?

Have a lot of people asked for this?   I don't think so.    Printers are so cheap these days and even your grandma knows how to setup a new unit at home.     You may say printer cartridges aren't cheap but I don't expect you printing a thousand copy of your email for distribution.    Google says it here that "...You can make us print one, one thousand, or one hundred thousand of your emails. It’s whatever seems reasonable to you....".    You could also get your attachment such as a thick scanned book or photos printed, it's all part of the deal they say.

What are the motives?   It's surely not for office users.   My guesses are

  • they want to know exactly where you live.
  • they are penetrating into the physical world, planning a startup to compete with UPS or DHL.
  • I really don't know

Apparently this service isn't available to everyone yet as I don't see the button when logged in.

This goes against [tag]paperless[/tag] and Gmail's original idea of not deleting another email so I don't like it.


  1. Strange they should launch it on April Fools Day?

  2. It's a joke of April Fools. :P

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