Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hacking it

When I'm logged in I now have the link to 'Admin' grouped under 'user'. This is done at the loginform.php by placing below line after if ($user) {....

Here is [a href="[?php Site::out_url('admin'); ?]" title="Admin area"]Dashboard[/a]

Only just found out that I can place core classes with my hacks in \user\classes\ folder. By doing this classes under this folder will override those under \system\classes\. So far I have made changes to utils.php and userhandler.php.

When I'm logged in I'll be redirected to the blog, i.e. posts.php instead of 'admin', likewise after I logged out I'll be here again instead of seeing "IT WORKS", how nice thanks Owen.

In line 240 of utils.php ...'['.$current.']'.... is to indicate the current page number but at the same time in line 242 ...?'class="current-page"':.... is there to let me style 'current-page'.

I removed the square brackets [ ] and inserted below in CSS

a.current-page {

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