Monday, April 23, 2007


I have been using wireless router at home.   Now my dear wants to surf the net in the bedroom which is a problem as the Wifi signal isn't wrong enough to go through few walls.

To overcome this I bought 2 units of Aztech HomePlug.    It's model HL105E which is good upto 85Mpbs I guess that's OK for my use.

My first concern would be connection speed at bedroom, below are the test results.

Overseas connecting US using Speakeasy

Near router 970kbps download 191kbps upload

Bedroom 972kbps download 88kbps upload

Local using NWT Netspeed

Near router 5.12Mbps download 538kbps upload

Bedroom 5.14Mbps download 267kbps upload

Too bad the utility program doesn't work in Vista.    The troubleshooting guide for Vista available from Aztech's website also didn't cure the problem.

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