Friday, April 27, 2007


What you are seeing is a super-simple theme I did a while ago. It was a learning process and simple is beautiful. It's available for use with WP from here. Just look for download (2) Barebones Left Sidebar 0.2.

The original theme I did for WP has only 4 files, namely index, header, sidebar and footer. These are the skeleton you need to get something displayed. As I already have a Classical theme ported to Habari so making this SmartyBarebone theme workable here is easy.

I did spend little time brushing up the original Barebone theme a bit and corrected a few html tag mistakes. I feel good with this theme because it's simple, fast, clean and long lasting. The entire theme folder has only 20.8 kb with no image.

Next step would be converting this to work with the SmartyEngine and that was why I named this 'SmartyBarebone'.

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