Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I resisted Vista for nearly 4 months today I bought a copy.   I have Ultimate upgrade version because I want to use the windows movie maker which is only available to ultimate or home premium.

I decided on upgrade instead of clean install which took just under 2 hours on my super slow PC.    That was trouble-free.

I ran the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor first and printed out a copy of the task list which is a good guide of things to do after the installation.

Next would be a online upgrade which wasn't really complete because certain upgrades have failed.   However latest device driver such as that for my VIA/S3G was upgraded.

Few "must have" applications, such as Firefox XAMPP PSPad and Microsoft Office, have been checked running OK.

Jobs' iTunes is a problem as neither I could start it nor reinstall it.    Found that this is still an issue although you may try installing latest 7.1.1 but you could be prompted having vbscript issue which I couldn't yet fix.   My current option is wait.

Another issue is printer driver from my HP LaserJet 1020, I'll have to use my notebook if I want to print at home.   HP's website says driver may be available July 2007.

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