Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Facts and Perceptions

There are no facts only perceptions, which philosopher said this I don't remember.    This is very true as I grow older and have seen enough illusions.

I have driving license for more than 20 years.    I have driven many roads and suddenly I realize that certain roads I don't recognize.    It isn't because I am sick in the mind.     I was just in a different seat of a car or in a bus or walking rather than driving.    The physical surrounding is essentially the same but my focus has changed and my mind wasn't exactly doing the same thing when I'm going through the scenes in a different way.

What have we missed in life?    During the day we argued with people because we stand in a different position.    Are we in fact have agreements on certain facts that have always been there but simply perceived differently due to the differing positions?

Sometimes I wonder how much we know about ourselves due to the fact that in this sensory world we have been so much deceived by perceptions either created deliberately to deceive others or due to our inability to comprehend the truth.    In analogy we are a computing device connected to millions of sensors which can't be calibrated and signals have been so much corrupted that the software inside can't possibly produce unbiased simple yes or no answer.

I wouldn't be surprised that people are easily changing their position like a flip-flop in a society like this.

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