Monday, May 28, 2007

svchost, Windows automatic update failure

Windows [tag]Automatic update[/tag] is sort of like your regular health check.    What if your doctor who does your regular check isn't reliable?    This is what happened to the recent Windows automatic update.    If you are running Windows XP like me you may find the process [tag]svchost[/tag] eating up 100% CPU usage for prolonged period.    That's was like very high blood pressure for no reason.    Your computer may become unresponsive and even hang up.

You need this pill (id 927891) and this drug (id 932494) to cure this high blood pressure.    I took these then later found that I have missed 8 Nos of updates of 38.2Mb in total size.

I thought the high blood pressure was due to a virus which I did find one called Generic4.pjr of Trojan Horse type but that wasn't very harmful.

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