Thursday, May 3, 2007

The theory of the opposite


This "theory of the opposite" isn't my original, see cover of this book I just bought.    You may or may not agree after reading this book and I think this is highly philosophical if you really want to understand this.

To make it simple I would say this theory stands because the world has changed, everything around you has changed, I have changed and everything logical could be illogical.    Sensible approach could be complete nonsense.    The jargon these days is 360 degree, have you ever considered all options around an issue every time you make a decision?

Most people go for the obvious solution, e.g. you want to be a Doctor so study well and go to medical school.    Even worse a lot of people don't know what their ultimate goals are.    You get wrong answer to wrong question asked.   When I was young I simply didn't know how to ask the mirror the right questions or to challenge my own desires, this example again "...why do you want to be a Doctor?"    Things, concepts, thoughts, directions were put to us by our government, parents, society, schools, peer and books that others have chosen for us... etc without us having to learn how to determine our goals and the proper ways to get them.

Do you want to be another cookie out of the mould?

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