Friday, June 8, 2007

Dead Keys

 Dead Keys are not dead, they are just annoying.

I bought a Slide-Arch E-Blue keyboard, I like it small.    Few keys behaved oddly.  I thought that could be a driver issue as I found a driver for it when installed it at home on XP.

It wasn't about driver.    I tested it again and again with other keyboards they all behaved the same.    So I turned to the hardware and thought that it might be something else.

I didn't get to know the key to the issue until I found MS Keyboard Layout Creator which is a neat program for you to redefine your own keyboard layout.    Then I learn about what Dead Key is about.

I never have to worry about typing diacritics because we use simple English during the day.   Too bad I selected English - US keyboard US - International as input language hence this problem.


input language

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