Friday, June 15, 2007

New Mobile

Got a new Nokia 6300 at a good price as it's now new.    I just don't think paying premium for new mobile phone is worth it.    I have used my last Nokia 6xxx for almost 5 years, I think, as it was too long ago I can't remember when I got it.

I played with PC Suite and tidied up my contacts from my old unit.    I just found too many numbers/entries that I don't know about.   I decided that if I don't remember who they are they aren't important to me.

There are so many gadgets these days our brain isn't as good as before or is it my age I really don't know.    I can remember 200 phone numbers like an address book when I was a fresh guy in the industry.

1 comment:

  1. Hopeful my phone# is still in your phone list ^__^;;;;;;; I think the most important function of a brain is to think, not to remember. It's ok to use tools, like a computer (an invention by thinking), for data storage. Just remember to keep our brain running...and...thinking.