Monday, June 18, 2007

Not where to go but who to go with

This is really difficult.

We had family dinner with my dear sister last Saturday who was in town getting ready for her Tibet adventure commencing tomorrow.    They are a group of 5 and no doubts there are 5 grown up minds to align when it comes to arranging fine details of the trip as to where to go, how to get there and how much to spend....etc.

"Not where to go but who to go with..." is wisdom in life that appears to be simple and easily understood but difficult to put into practice.   We say this all the time, e.g.'s the company that counts not the food..., whenever a group couldn't decide on where to eat.     However when it comes to making big life decisions it's so easy that one is distracted from this important principle, e.g. when choosing your other half, a business partner or when recruiting/retaining key workmates.

Without enough lines of wisdom in my forehead I wonder if I could actually understand this at a younger age.    At work I remind myself all the time " with someone who you can work but not the best money can buy....".

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