Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Safari for Windows, Vista in particular

The Press Release is here, download it here.

You may be a bit disappointed but before you uninstall it read comments in Ajaxian.    I'm running this in Vista so I could only say below

  • It doesn't ask you to reboot, reboot anyway.   It crashed and closed itself 2 times in my case.
  • If you haven't used Mac before the browser window isn't like a normal window you could only resize by dragging the right hand bottom corner.
  • It works fine in Netvibes, Flickr, Gmail and Meebo.    It's faster than Firefox or IE7.
  • Yahoo Hong Kong doesn't see it as compliant browser it doesn't render correctly.
  • Don't maximize in your 2nd monitor as it disappears like magic.    Close it and start again.
  • It doesn't render this site here correctly, all text of the latest post turned into a link.
  • I like the font smoothing especially it pleases my eyes when reading Chinese characters.
  • The text in tabs is a bit dark, I expect to see alternative skins/themes available.
  • Text on status bar at the bottom of the window is a bit small for my eyes.
  • Last not least, memory usage doesn't go down when window is minimized.   It's consuming 125Mb with 5 tabs.

It surely is a beta, as in the case of iTunes it'll get better in time.

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