Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I don’t know MySQL

I don't know enough to understand what I'm doing.   I just tried the plugin by g30rg3x it works great in localhost.    I didn't know why only character set was required to be changed without allowing users to change Collation of each field in the tables.

What is Table Collation?    Quoting from it's about

Collation. The process of ordering units of textual information. Collation is usually specific to a particular language. Also known as alphabetizing or alphabetic sorting. Unicode Technical Standard #10,

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  1. As you says...

    I dont wanna to mess around with collation normally utf_general_ci will work for everyone but sometimes a user needs a special collation, in that case i recommend to no use any automatted script avalible it will be best do all job manually rather tha automatically, but i will consider that feauture en the new future versionof the plugin/conversion script..

    Grettings from mexico