Tuesday, July 10, 2007

mini-DVI from MacBook

My problem is exactly as described in this review.    It's quite normal when you buy something new from a shop you'll be relying on the shop to recommend accessories such as this Apple mini-DVI to DVI adapter for a external display.    It was just $19, no big deal but it was completely useless.    I would have expected the shop to warn me that a DVI-D equipped display is required for this adapter to be useful.

Learning new things along the way I found this good article about various kinds of connection for display.   

Now if I really want to use dual monitor or larger external display I have to replace my very old FlexScan L350 by a modern LCD display that supports DVI-D input.

In Mac it's called Clamshell mode if you are using external display with the MacBook lid-closed.    This article shows you how.    In my case I would like to run MacBook in dual monitor mode.

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