Thursday, July 5, 2007

My new Toy - MacBook

I have a new toy


I have very careful deliberation as to what I should get. It wasn't easy to decide on a MacBook from iMac or Mac-mini. My main purpose is a Mac not another PC running on Microsoft's Windows.

For record sake I got this on 2 July and first experience was just more than OK. I didn't have any wow....!

Getting familiar with it wasn't that difficult but lots of things that you do on Windows is different in a Mac. After all a Mac was designed to be different.

Too bad the Entourage that comes with Microsoft Office 2004 for mac doesn't support pst file or else I could have used MacBook in the office.

My main intention is to learn to use iMovie and a webserver to learn a bit more about Habari. I'll be posting more about what I have learnt on my MacBook at this site which is mostly for programming stuff.

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