Monday, July 9, 2007

Taking screenshot or print screen in OS X

Taking screenshot in Windows is easy because traditional keyboard has a key at the end of function key row for "print screen".    Press it and paste the image copied onto a default program/application like "paint".

In OSX you got to know below key symbols first
keyboard symbols.jpg

Note that in MacBook keyboard layout Control key behaves not the same as the control key in a Windows keyboard, e.g. to add a new tab in your broswer you need "command + t" not "ctrl + t" and copy is "commend + c" not "ctrl + c".

To look up what keyboard shortcuts are available to you, you click the blue apple on the top menu bar > system preferences > keyboard & mouse > keyboard shortcut.

To save a screenshot to file on desktop it's simply "command + shift + 3".   To save selected area of screen to file it's "commend + shift + 4" then drag the corner.    The file is saved as png then you could use the default application "Preview" to save the file as other format.

What I wanted to do was to paste below image here.   iStat Pro (you see just a small section of it below) is a nicely designed widget which gives you lots of information about your Mac.    This is far better than any sidebar gadgets available to Vista.


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