Saturday, July 28, 2007


I have trouble getting my XAMPP installation working properly in my VISTA Ultimte PC. This is very annoying as I have been using XAMPP for a long time and am very comfortable with it.

First installation was smooth but as I click Admin>Plugins within Habari the browser just keep loading. I then tried starting and stopping Apache service then I got "ERROR -1".

I decided to reinstall XAMPP this time with UAC turned off. The 2nd trial is a lot better as I could start/stop Apache without any errors. The problem with Habari remains, too bad, I need alternatives. I have installed WordPress 2.2.1 there without any problem. I have even backed up my site (domain name gone, now taken down), changed the url reference, imported the database into the localhost intstallation which works perfectly.

I could run IIS and install PHP. However I fear that as my host is not running IIS so there could be weird behaviour?

There are in fact other alternatives from this list of WAMP here. I have my eyes on EasyPHP and WAMP5.

I have experience of using IIS5 when I was developing ASP3.0 years ago so I may give it a shot first. I need some luck.

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