Monday, August 13, 2007

3rd attempt worked

On last Saturday I tried it for the 3rd time. The subdomain is named 'h3' as I may have 4th or 5th attempt.....

It's working here (now taken down). I suspected that it was about rewrite_rules again as the pagination wasn't working. I used the upgrade MySQL queries provided in this this thread and it worked.

From this thread I see that I wasn't the only one reporting this issue with DR0.2 or svn 745 so I guess I have reported something helpful.

Owen mentioned here, when discussing roadmap for 0.3, that rewrite_rules should be taken out of the database I couldn't agree more unless something like a upgrading script (run as a php file with database connection script, password etc filled in by site owner and MySQL commands needed to EMPTY tables and INSERT new rules) is provided everytime changes are made to the rewrite_rules in the database. This is exactly one of my key worries when deciding on migrating my data to Habari.

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