Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Creditability, Reliability and Traceabilty

I'm coaching a new team. I keep on repeating these terms so I made them easy to remember. This is C.R.T.

Creditability is

bringing or deserving credit, honor, reputation, or esteem.

Reliability is

that may be relied on; dependable in achievement, accuracy, honesty, etc.

What we are doing is managing expectations from above and these 2 are most important things that we have to deliver at work. Nobody would expect teammates or subordinates to be unreliable and not creditable.

So why is traceabiltiy important? This is because 'words are cheap' therefore everything we do must be traceable such that we are seen to be well organized. Making things we do documented and traceable will also enable us to learn from our own mistakes.

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    }); D.A.M.N. In addition to C.R.T. that I mentioned earlier one other term I use almost everyday is D.A.M.N.
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