Friday, August 10, 2007

Getting ready for migration

I have done a few trials last night at my other domain name getting ready to migrate my main site to Habari.

I used shell to checkout latest svn 745 to a new folder named 'hdr02'. I forgot to enable php5 at that domain name so copied the .htaccess file from this domain there. Creating the folder first was a bad move because I should have created a new subdomain for it first. This was later fixed by pointing the subdomain to that subfolder under 'public_html' in cpanel. It worked. This installation was smooth but just before the site was shown there appeared a long page of error right ahead of the K2 theme, that was weird. Navigating in dashboard was OK and I uploaded plugins and themes I wanted. Next was importing from WP, some 8xx posts. That took a while with lots of errors but at the end of the import the page was cleared. This didn't surprise me as I saw similar thing before while importing but that was just a flash due to a much smaller size database.

This site is here (now taken down) which is broken as pagination isn't working and some pages are lost. I took a screenshot of the errors I saw during import.

I decided to repeat the excercise above the proper way, i.e.

  1. Create a new subdomain h745

  2. shell checkout svn 745 to this subfolder

  3. Run Habari installation (still seeing errors ahead of the k2 theme, oops forgot to take a screenshot!)

  4. Import from a WP site (found same imorting errors or to be exact WARNINGS)

The site here (now taken down) is also broken due to pagination not working. Again some pages are gone.

Investigation goes on!

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