Thursday, August 9, 2007

Love your enemies

First of all I shouldn't have called them enemies.    They are our teachers people we need to grow, to learn, to progress to.....they are everything you need in life.    AQ, adversary quotient, we all know what it is now but I didn't come to realize it's great effect until after a few events.

We know how to say friends are mirror we need to see the real 'us'.    Very few would consider enemies real friends.    When I was younger I certainly wouldn't say, when I was beaten by these 'friends', I'm grateful to them.    Now I know.

This is again "think the opposite" attitude.

Few years back I was very upset by a super bullying client who believed to have racial superiority here.    It was few years of hard time and very hard work.    The dark years were also complicated by some internal politics which we tried very hard to avoid but failed.

This turned out to be a great lesson.    I have to be grateful to these people we once hated.    We won't have learnt these great lessons and demanded ourselves to perform beyond our capacity if not because of their bullying behaviour.    We won't have the chance to demonstrate our abilities to bystanders who later become our admirer or superior.

When hard time arrives next time welcome it, enjoy it and earn it.   Be grateful to those who send you those treasure.    Stay away from those who said how great you are as words are cheap they are poison in candy wrap.

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