Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I have an outstanding obligation to make a DVD slideshow for my classmates.

For that reason (excuse) I picked Vista Ultimate version upgrading.    I have used the Windows Movie Maker 2 for XP before and it was easy to use and for a free application it is indeed powerful.    The latest version in Vista is even better on burning your project to a DVD.

My new toy MacBook comes with free applications such iPhoto and iDVD doing similar things.    I tried shareware PhotoPresenter designed for Mac last night.    To my disappointment it isn't as good as Movie Maker as it lacks feature like the time axis and the sound track layer.    PhotoPresenter is truly easy to you, no doubt your grandma would be able to burn a DVD with built-in transitions from her iPhoto library in no time.    That's not for me and my classmates will not be satisfied with that.

I'll keep looking.

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