Tuesday, August 7, 2007

This is h741

This is developer release 0.2 if you want to try here it is.

I know what I did wrong last night, too tired perhaps, during the setting up of this h741 subdomain and have the config.php file pointing to the old database running the original habari.sfong.net site. What I should have done was to empty the rewrite_rules tables. I thought I have done that but obviously I haven't and I did that again this morning making sure the tables were empty before running the sql queries provided by Chris Davis.

The orginal site running DR 0.1 is still having problem but I don't care as I could now have that folder complete erased and rename this folder h741 to practice this content moving.

I'll do that tonight if I can find the time.

BTW this is my another theme named RoundBox just to celebrate release of 0.2!

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