Tuesday, August 7, 2007

This is habari.sfong.net

This is to document how I moved (not actually, just upgraded Habari) content between versions, not very professional, but worked.

  • Create a subdomain temp.mysite.net

  • upload DR0.2 files of the latest release or svn

  • create a database and/or user for this temporary installation

  • run Habari installation not necessary in fact see later post

  • replace config.php of temp.mysite.net with that from the working site of DR0.1 (say habari.mysite.net)

  • use phpmyadmin to empty (not drop) tables for rewrite_rules in database of habari.mysite.net

  • run SQL queries (download it from here) to INSERT latest rewrite_rules into the habari.mysite.net database

At this point temp.mysite.net should be working under DR0.2 pointing to database of habari.mysite.net Now if your hosting has this then

  • Login into your hosting cpanel

  • point the subdomain document root of habari.mysite.net to the folder of temp.mysite.net

  • delete subdomain temp.mysite.net (just amending server's httpd.conf, content of subfolder should stay normally)

If you are using Tinyau's Flickrrss Plugin you will also have to amend the url of the cache folder in the plugin config page.

Upgrading DONE!

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