Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tinyau a Habari Committer

Great to read from here that Tinyau is now a committer of Habari.

I think many of us in the Chinese blogging community will share the joy of having someone in this part of the World speaking our language participating in such a meaningful project. Why is Habari an important project to the blogging world you ask? It's because of WordPress. If you know that core developers of Habari are well known in the WP community then you know why.

As Habari is still an infant so I could pick up a lot along the way. Building theme for Habari for my own use isn't difficult. Testing plugin for Tinyau would also be joyful as our timezone is the same such that chatting with him on GTalk is only few clicks away.

Buidling plugin for Habari is still a far away target as I have yet to get familiar with OOP of PHP and get used to 'hook' and 'sink' of the core. I still don't understand why programming geeks like fishing that much. I have never in my life spent hours holding a nylon wire waiting for a fish.

My current work is simplifying this theme using the MyTheme Class in Theme.php.

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