Friday, September 14, 2007

The customers that haven't showed up are more important

I took a day off just to submit few more tenders to this, this and that school.   It was a pleasant day with blue sky and mild breeze.     The route was specially designed by my dear so after that we went to the peak for a relaxed lunch.

We went to the Chinese dim sum restaurant at the top floor, not too surprised it was empty.    We were taken to a little corner at the highest level I have no doubt that must be the best place with the best view.    The corner there has 4 x 4 persons table and 2 x 2 persons table.    There were already 2 persons occupied one of the table.    We were told to occupy the other 2 persons table.

What do they have in mind?    It's a norm here, from my experience, that captains in restaurant would train staff to reserve tables to customers yet to come, e.g. if we have taken a 4 persons table what if there are few 4 people groups coming after us?    This doesn't appear to be a wrong concept.    Have they ever thought of what we were expecting in such circumstance?     Do they expect us to sit elbow to elbow with 2 strangers at the best corner at the peak of Hong Kong that we have to pay good dollars on a sunny relaxed afternoon accepting the idiot's decision to have our privacy sacrificed?

What they should have done is the opposite, i.e. assuming every customer that arrives at the doorstep to be their last VIP that working day.   At the end there were only 1 more couple arrived at that little corner who happened to be someone I know.    It was OK to eat in that empty place if not because of the wrong sitting at the beginning.

Isn't this normal?    We also believe that the parking space that we didn't get is better, the school that didn't enroll my boy could have been better, the rice cooked next door smells nicer (saying here), the customers yet to come are more important...!

There was a parent sharing session at my boy's kindergarten yesterday evening.   A lot of parents warned us not to push kids to a school which is reputable instead put them in a school which is suitable.    Reputable school is what you see from the outside.   A suitable school is something that fits the inside of your kids.

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