Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Linux here I come

I brought books that stay on shelf that never get read, Linux is one of them.   My RedHat 7.0 book was published in 2000.

7 years is a very long time, today I have installed ubuntu on a slow PC.    The installation was smooth and the boot manager like start page is a good design.   It doesn't fear newbie from Windows away and my old XP SP2 is still intact I think.

One problem was that I immediately regretted to have installed desktop 6.06.1 LTS instead of the server version.   What I really wanted is LAMP to test run Habari.

Another issue is the screen resolution.   I'm using an very old SONY multiscan E200.   No matter what I do the resolution stays at 1600x1200 I can't get it switched to 1024x768.   I'll have to try this Fix Video Resolution Howto later.    May be that CRT monitor is too old to be detected correctly during installation.

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