Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Move content between domain names

Following Tinyau's advice I have now moved content from my main site to a new subdomain Not So Wise.

Here are steps that I have taken

  1. check out latest r821 to desktop

  2. move existing installation folders at old site to ...\old\

  3. upload r821 files and folders to old site, kept just config.php and .htaccess
  4. empty rewrite_rules tables

  5. point browser to old site, let the scripts do the job making sure it's running OK at r821
  6. create new subdomain at Site5 backstage

  7. upload r821 folders and files to new site installation folder

  8. create a new database for the new installation at new site

  9. grant user permission to new database

  10. run habari installation at new site

  11. export database from old site, must check 'DROP TABLES' and 'IF NOT EXISTS' options during export, in my case it was a 1.8Mb zipped file

  12. import database to new r821 installation

  13. new site is now running here

I have also burnt a new FeedBurner feed for it and a new Analytics account.

There are few hiccups when I activated plugins. I kept on getting "...Whooops!..." when I activate or deactivate plugins and I got redirected to .../admin/plugin_toggle.

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