Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Moving site, again?

Yes, I'll be giving up this domain name very soon.

Content of this site has been moved to Not So Wise so bookmark this one from now on. I suggest you subscribe by email such that new post, when there is one, will be delivered to your inbox.

Why am I moving again? Well partly because of the new blogware Habari that I'm using. Also this domain name is expiring in few weeks so I could save a few dollars, don't believe this right?

I think I'm also in search of an identify, this could be a long story. I'm stuck with this is the domain name that I firstly signed up with Site5 some 2 years ago so unless I'm quitting them I can't change this name. I owned a name for a while and I have used this as the blog title for nearly 2 years. Then finally I got this which I thought this is my real identity but is it?

I'm obviously still searching, for the moment my new site is named "Not So Wise". More writing about this name at the new location.

See you there!

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