Monday, September 10, 2007

Not So Wise

It's amazing that how ideas come to my mind.    I read books and in most cases I read them to kill time.

I was actually deliberating about dropping my domain name in my bed one morning then I decided I need a new blog title once I have moved my content.    This name "Not So Wise" came to my mind.    We are at all time in search of wisdom and until the end of time I don't think we'll find all the answers.    I read this somewhere that to seek one has to admit deficiency.    I want to say here "I'm really Not So Wise...".

I later found the origin of "Not So Wise" after a little search in my bookshelf.    I found this book "Why I am So Wise" by Friedrich Nietzsche.    I have to say this little book is the hardest English writing that I have ever read.    It's translated of course because the original was in German.

I think it would have been easier if I knew German.    Nietzsche was originally a philologist therefore it could be fun reading his original German words.    I'm far too old to learn a new language.    Even my sister has given up learning after she married to a German born American.

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