Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Training vs Education

I'll be sending my boy to Primary school next year so there is a lot of preparation work this year.    To name a few I have to do market research, run around to all these schools attending seminars, fill up forms and possibly interviews.

I don't really know if effort is worthy for my boy.

I have attended seminars here and there so far.    These seminars are just marketing show by the headmaster, nothing more than that.    The good thing about it was that I now have a feel from their speech, gesture, answers to questions as to how they run their school and most importantly their 'value system'.   That is better than reading their prospectus and comments from other parents.

I don't think my boy could ever get into any of these so called top schools which probably doesn't matter much to me.

To me primary schools provide training rather than education due to very restrictive syllabus and the general perception that examination grades are only yardstick of achievement.

Albert Einstein once said

The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education

I can't agree more and would add " can only learn outside the schools...".

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