Thursday, October 18, 2007


In addition to C.R.T. that I mentioned earlier one other term I use almost everyday is D.A.M.N.

D - Stands for Design. Depending on what you do this could be a brief from your client, a description of your goal which you have developed into fine details, a menu with recipes for the big dinner that you have to cook for a big party tonight. What you have to know is understanding the goal and develop it into fine details that you will follow to achieve your goal. This 'D' comes first because you normally start from here. If you are leading a team this is where you start such that your team-mates know what to do, where to help and how to act.

A - is Access. Normally you'll have to gain access to the venue where you'll perform your duties or deliver your performance. This is easily understood if you are building something. If you a pianist you'll have to know how to get to the concert hall and if you'll be given permission to rehearse there, for example. Gaining access may involve contractual issues in many cases.

M - stands for material. This is what you need to put your goods together, e.g. something that you have to acquire apart from your own skills. If you are a chef you have to know where to buy good food for the dinner that you are delivering. If 'D' is done properly you'll know what to buy.

N - notification is very often ignored. In most cases we are not achieving goals alone. We have partners, colleagues, external helpers, vendors etc to collaborate with to get something done. These people/organizations around us have to be suitably coordinated and notified to get things going smoothly.

I do engineering projects so I call up D.A.M.N. every time I want to think about what are missing from my plans to get something done. Even for very experienced manager minor things could skip our minds or fell off the lorry, this little D.A.M.N. thing could come to rescue.

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