Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My PC failed

My DIY PC running Vista failed last week. This PC is only few months old using ASUS P5B motherboard running genuine Vista Ultimate. I picked an optional update for the Attansic onboard Gigabit ethernet driver upon restarting it failed to work. I tried everything I know such as roll back driver, safe mode, restore to last known good configuration etc....

I had to reinstall Vista and ended up using an old Realtek ethernet card to get back to work.

As usual to protect my installation I blindly went through downloading and installing all critical updates for Vista and my Office 2003.

One of the upgrade I did which I regretted now is SP3 of Office 2003.   This upgrade contains a new feature called Information Rights Management or IRM.   The idea is good in that forwarded emails are restricted unless recipient is authorized to view or forward it.    You could even set expiry date of forwarded email.

The trouble is unless our exchange server is running 2003 version and senders are also using this feature this is completely useless.    I'm now unable to read forwarded emails unless I roll back to SP2, dumb isn't it.

There is a fix here, i.e. get an add-on for your IE to read IRMed document, dumb.

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