Tuesday, November 13, 2007

First OS rebuild

Now I'm back to 6.06 LTS, naturally followed this article to secure my slice. I didn't do all of them, just these steps

passwd root to change root password then adduser newusername and used visudo to edit /etc/sudoers file adding newusername ALL=(ALL) ALL to the end of the file. I then used a new terminal window to make sure I could login using newusername before exiting as root.

The free -m output was

total = 256
used = 42
free = 213
free swap = 511

I then did sudo apt-get update and <sudo apt-get install localeconf language-pack-en which turned out to be not necessary. The sudo apt-get upgrade was also not necessary may be the image is already the latest one.

Last step was a reboot by sudo shutdown -r now

After that I need to get some essential packages by sudo apt-get install build-essential. Let's look at memory again when that was done.

used = 159
free = 96
buffers = 4
cached = 120
swap used = 0

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