Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Which OS, which plan?

I have been extremely busy at work so didn't spend much time tweaking my servers.

I have also been switching between VPSLink and Slicehost, meaning also that I have been playing with 6.06 LTS (Xen) and 7.10 (OpenVS) at the same time.

6.06 LTS has caused pain due to a few missing extenions such as PDO/PDO_MySQL and PHP not meeting requirement of Habari. That was a real good practice to learn downloading from source and compiling it. Setting up DNS and vhosts have also been a problem, thinking about it again perhaps I probably don't need virtual hosting as I will be merging 2 of my sites as one, so why the hassle?

Last night I successfully installed nginx at my Xen server however getting fastcgi to work proved to be not that easy. I guess I'll rebuild OS and start again.

Perhaps I'll give webmin a try when I'm tired of setting things up. My VPSLink plan is coming to an end very soon so I'll have to hurry up my learning on that server.

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