Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Pagination isn't working

Currently pagination at the bottom of content isn't working.

I moved from notsowise.sfong.net which was also running in Habari. This site was setup on 29th November (r1157?) and I moved content across using phpmyadmin export without much problem and pagination was working. I tried importing content using the importer plugin from my Wordpress site template.sfong.net, it failed. I ran svn update, tried again, still failed.

I made a fresh new Habari install and found that there are 20 tables instead of 23! No wonder importing MySQL database wasn't done properly.

I'm now waiting for a solution or further advice r1172 works fine in my test under XAMPP running in Windows XP. I'll have to replace that /system/classes/rewriterules.php (or temporary hack by putting the good file in /user/classes/) file at home tonight.

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