Monday, December 17, 2007

Parallels or not?

Just tried Parallels last night. It works fine in my MacBook but starting XP was a problem because it requires re-activation of my copy of XP. I have a copy of XP Pro with SP2, which is required by BootCamp, but it's of OEM version. OEM version can't be activated twice. Is Microsoft trying to make it difficult for people using OEM version? PC does crash once in a while and reinstalling is sometimes the only way out. I have about a month ago enquired at one of the shop for a full version and the guy asked for $321 and added that " quick price is going up...". I opted for the OEM version at $135. There are also a few things that may be stopping me from using Parallels.
  • From Task Manager I see only 1 core running, performance downgrading?
  • Shared network, how am I connect to my office network (done, setup Macbook NIC to suit office network then both OS X and XP will share the connection) with fixed IP, gateways etc?
  • In XP mode I can't use dual monitor
  • (edited) I can't set clocks of OSX and XP to be the same, don't know why.
  • (edited) I can access internet via office network alright but I can't access network resources.
I guess my alternative would be slimming my current installation of XP such that it fits the maximum partitioned size of 10G in MacBook and have everything else saved in external HDD.

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