Wednesday, January 30, 2008

2 Years ago

One of the good things about the '? years ago' box on the sidebar is that it reminds me of things that I don't remember.

From this entry I know that I went to Yundi Li's concert 2 years ago. I went to his concert again last Saturday.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Connections - update

One of the Habari user wrote to me asking for my modified version of Connections theme ported to Habari. I took Harris' latest version which is now at 0.1 and tweaked from there. What more have I done?

  • Font change for post-title and post-date, I just don't like italic there

  • I have disabled the current page display at the page navigation, you won't click the link for the current page right?

  • Theme functions to show entries 'Recent 2 weeks', '1 Year Ago', '2 Years Ago' and '3 Years Ago' are added back. These are still experimental using old trick $theme->my_silly_function() rather than function filter_theme_call_my_silly_function() as I don't quite get what Owen taught me to do

  • Slight change at the first box for user login. Before you are logged in the box shows 'Login here', once you are logged in it'll show 'Hi username'

Friday, January 25, 2008

Connections Theme

This is one of the themes that I like when I switched to WordPress few years back. Now Harris has ported it to Habari, I'm delighted.

As usual I tweaked it a little

  • slightly larger font

  • Adsense between posts

  • Expandable sidebar group using jQuery

  • My custom login form such that once I'm logged in I have links to 'edit my profile', 'dashboard' and 'log out'

  • The custom userhandler.php is also in /user/classes/ as well such that when I'm in I'll be redirected to the blog

  • Footer color change

I have yet to include theme functions to show 1, 2 and 3 years old entries on the sidebar.

The sidebar is perfectly aligned for Safari and Firefox, I gave up on IE7 it's just to hard.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Change required at footer.php

Further to the change at the header.php here comes the footer.php.

I had to change Theme::footer() to $theme->footer() at the footer.php file. The theme function that I was having for my footer, which I got the idea from db_profiling.php, isn't working now. I had a brief look at the current k2 theme but still couldn't figure out how to fix that. Perhaps I'll have to ask the geeks again.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


MBA stands for MacBook Air.

I have a R100 for nearly 3 years, it is actually lighter and thinner but of course it hasn't got style like MacBook Air.

R500 is supposed to be a follow on model but the CPU power is still disappointing if you wanna use it with Vista. The only plus is a DVD burner which MBA doesn't have. I just won't spend $2,999 for this.

Will I get a MBA? I doubted. It's neither the lightest nor thinnest but probably best in computing power to weight ratio and prettiest by far. Perhaps most buyers will be ladies. I will wait for the improved version in 6 months perhaps with SSD of 100G or a faster/bigger HDD included. The top model now with 64G SSD is just too dear at $3,098. Jobs like slashing price if the product doesn't sell fast enough these days so I'll wait.

According to this the thinnest one belongs to SHARP. By the way I also owned a SHARP Mebius few years ago but that was stolen.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Modified K2 theme is back on

Owen virtually wrote a wiki page to explain how Theme calls have changed recently that broke my modified K2 theme. I have something to work on which is meaningful. For a few weeks I have been busy at work and there wasn't anything urgent after work on computer stuff. I have sorted out my slice, too lazy to do further optimization since traffic hasn't been high, found no motivation to do new themes on Habari.

First move tonight was setting the environment on Vista. I used to have my Vista PC at work and running Habari in XAMPP under Vista was a known issue. Today I was lucky as I got Habari installed within 5 minutes and the issue on loading plugin page in admin has gone! Next was Tortoise the SVN client I use for Windows. I checked out the latest r1276 and naturally put my modified K2 theme in it for another test. It didn't work as expected.

I then changed only at line 15 of header.php from Theme::header() to $theme->header(). I must be lucky today the theme worked?

There you are the theme is almost untouched except that line in header.php and it's working. I'll still be following Owen's wiki to modify my custom theme functions as a practice.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

My custom K2 failed

You are seeing this default K2 theme because my modified K2 theme failed to kick in after I have upped to version 1272 this evening.

The Theme::header() is now an undefined function in line 15 of header.php I guess there must be something new that I'm not aware of. I didn't have time recently to follow all threads in the dev-group.

I think I would be safer that I always use the default theme and may be just a customized sidebar. I'll have to find time even for a simple task like that.

[edited] my custom K2 is back on but with my custom theme functions removed. Theme::header() is now called by $Theme->header().

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

NIC is back on

My PC failed due to a Vista driver upgrade for my Attansic Gigabit NIC. Now I updated to the latest driver (dated 17 December 2007) by Atheros who now owns Attansic.

Team work

I said about managing a new team here.

I spent few hours after dinner at home to prepare a 10 slides presentation for that little team about twenty something people. Before I forget what I did I now put the key notes of my slides here in these few pages.

I named the presentation 1:99, it's all about team work.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Moving to new svn repository

New svn repository is at so I use a dumb way. I have an very old database schema so this is the right time to flush outdated things out. Here are what I have done.

  1. create new installation folder say new_folder

  2. check out latest svn copy at that new folder svn co .

  3. create new database say new_db

  4. do a fresh new installation by pointing one of my spare subdomain to that new_folder

  5. deactivate all plugins at the existing installation, this is very important

  6. export existing database from the working installation excluding the 3 outdated tables which aren't used in the new schema

  7. import database into the new_db

  8. download this custom theme and upload it to the new_folder

  9. point this domain to the new_folder

  10. do a /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

That was it.

We all die

Pillow talk one night

son: all humans die don't they?

his mom: yes, humans are one of animal species and some animals live longer some shorter, you know that right?

son: who'll be driving us around when you two are too old?

his mom: you'll be driving us around of course, won't you?

son: what if I got old as well?

his mom: your son will be driving you around....too soon to worry about that, let's go to bed.

'Old my God', my son is not yet 6.     Should I be teaching him philosophy like Sophie's father did?