Thursday, January 17, 2008


MBA stands for MacBook Air.

I have a R100 for nearly 3 years, it is actually lighter and thinner but of course it hasn't got style like MacBook Air.

R500 is supposed to be a follow on model but the CPU power is still disappointing if you wanna use it with Vista. The only plus is a DVD burner which MBA doesn't have. I just won't spend $2,999 for this.

Will I get a MBA? I doubted. It's neither the lightest nor thinnest but probably best in computing power to weight ratio and prettiest by far. Perhaps most buyers will be ladies. I will wait for the improved version in 6 months perhaps with SSD of 100G or a faster/bigger HDD included. The top model now with 64G SSD is just too dear at $3,098. Jobs like slashing price if the product doesn't sell fast enough these days so I'll wait.

According to this the thinnest one belongs to SHARP. By the way I also owned a SHARP Mebius few years ago but that was stolen.

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