Friday, February 8, 2008

Goodbye for now Vista

I reinstalled my PC with XP that other night, it wasn't that easy.

I did it with a copy of XP prior to SP2, it could't see the whole harddisk of 320MB. It showed 131,071MB only, the installation didn't go through. I repeated it a few times then had to use another copy of XP with SP2 then I realize that it must be Grub that was bothering the installation. XP with SP2 saw the whole harddisk of 305,245 MB (304,660 free) with 1 partition. At the end it was OK with that partition removed first.

I was so frustrated that other day when unzipping a small file of less than 1MB. Vista took nearly 10 minutes to do it. How could Bill release something that is so lousy? I'll be watching SP1 and reviews before I go back to Vista. For now XP is good, ubuntu is better and Mac OS X is best.

I may just put a little harddisk on this machine such that I could boot ubuntu to avoid boot manager or Grub.

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