Saturday, March 1, 2008

Be open and share!

Very rarely I enjoy reading things that I found randomly on Internet. End Software Patents is rare and I read the whole site. An interesting link that I enjoyed reading is by Philip Greenspun, the one who first designed one click ordering, about history of computing/internet inventions.

I like simple stuff because handling complicated issues is tough. I distill, extract, transform, convert complicated issues to simple things that I could decide on. I believe all complicated issues can be resolved by a 6 years old kid if one can see through irrelevant matters. What else you really have learnt after kindergarten anyway.

Confessions of a Patent Holder is also good and I like it simple, i.e.

Patents should be allowed for:
  1. devices with mechanical components

  2. physical compounds that can be weighed on a scale.

Patents should never be awarded to:
  1. Ideas

  2. processes, recipes, software programs

This is so simple and beautiful. In management we learn to follow other's footstep hoping that we could be as successful as they are. We must be infringing millions of patents if we have read books about GE, Toyota, Intel, Apple or Adam Smith.

May be we simply stop sending people to law school. The concept of give a little, get a lot isn't easy to embrace, perhaps we need students to study harder philosophy in schools if they ever teach that.

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