Monday, March 3, 2008

Hardy Heron too soon for me

I never fear trying new things. Saw this in Distrowatch so I tried the easiest approach first of course from command line update-manager -d. There were couple of errors when applying the changes after the download of some 988 files. I then also tried the alternative which is getting a CD image from here.

The nice thing to start is that it has native support of my pretty 'outdated' 7 series video card and support widescreen without activating restricted drivers. Sabayon is the only other distro I have tried that does this right from at the installation step.

There are a few things that stopped me from using this, e.g. I have 2 NIC and it failed to identify which one is in use. Software updates were done eventually with manual configuration with couple of 'broken' patches so I can't go any further. May be it's still a bit early.

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