Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Revisiting past

I have not written much recently. If you have subscribed my entries by email you probably have received a few recently. I have cleared all my tags a while ago and I was just revisiting my old entries and tagged them. When these old entries are updated Feedburner must have considered them new entries and send them off to subscribers.

It is actually enjoyable at times to read about my past. We Chinese do eat 'sweet and sour' together. 'Bitter melon' has never been my favorite when I was a kid, I was just unable to understand why parents (most of them) like it. I start to understand why when I get older you'll like bitterness, antique, going to places that you have childhood memories etc.. for no reasons. No matter what tastes those memory are we just like going back, now I'm a father and have been telling tales to my boy I know why.

Bear with me if you are getting old entries posted to you. It's not bad revisiting your past once in a while just don't hang around for too long. We need to keep on making past that we don't regret for later revisit.

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